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A Better Blog

     Blogging has become such a normal trend to Americans like wearing bangles and colorful clothes were in the eighties. Yes, each generation has it’s “thing”. For this generation blogging has become the “thing”.

There are millions of people out there with blogs like you and me, each with it’s own space on the worldwide web. Despite the topic, several blogs are the same. The key to having a better blog is making yours stand out amongst them all; making sure yours is unique. How can you do this?

Whether it’s a marketing, personal or a business blog it should reflect your writing your style and your personality. Everyone’s opinions, feelings and personality is different. When you let these things shine through in your blog you are setting it apart from other blogs on the internet.

Now everyone loves to look at an lively exciting blog page. Yes, decorate your page. You can download different templates to give your web log an exciting look. You can integrate flash, upload various pictures and you can even add sound effects. Along with your text you can include videos and games. There is so much you can do that can make your page exciting.

Ways You Can Improve Your Blog

Paragraphs are a good thing. You should always break your text up into paragraphs. That way if you have several pages of text, it will be easier to read. People will not sit and read pages and pages of content if it’s not broken up. They will just skim the pages. I know because I do it myself.

Punctuation and grammar is a key factor to you having a good blog. If you don’t have good grammar and punctuation it will make it hard for readers to understand. After adding text to your blog reread what you have written and edit it.

Bizarre fonts. Yes, that’s another problem. People like to make their blogs look attractive in doing this they write in weird, creative fonts. If you cannot barely understand the words you yourselves have written you should avoid writing in that font style.

Layouts and colors also make an eye catching as we discussed before. You want to make sure you choose the right kind layout and colors. You want to make sure you choose something that fits your personality. Sometimes the colors and the layout in a blog can be too bright and can make the content difficult to read.

If you don’t have it already get traffic to your blog. An good blog is a popular one. You can leave links back to your blog on different forums. You can also ad Google Ads on your blog site. By doing this not only are you driving traffic to it but you can also make some money. There are also different websites that can deliver “hits” or people to website, you should check those out.

The key to having a good blog is making it “you” as much as possible. Keep letting your personality shine through on your blog and you can even have a better one than me!